The RVWJC: My First Week as a Transfer

Welp, school is back in session. You know what that means: exams, quizzes, new people, lots of reading, new stressors. I started my junior year as a transfer student at UNT this week, and I was both very ready and not ready at all.

I spent 2 days before the first class day finding my way around and researching what I needed to know about dining, the campus layout, where my classes would be, and organizing my room. The campus is so big, and I have to walk everywhere, but at least I’m kind of staying in shape! The night before my first day, I calmed myself with episodes of Broad City and 90 Day Fiancé.

Dorm life pre-class was fine. Dorm life after is fine. I like how my room is bigger than I expected, and I don’t have to deal with a community bathroom setup. I don’t have a roommate from hell, which is great. We just live in our own silent spaces. I’m quiet myself, but I also like conversations, so I’m still getting used to that.

The transition from community college and the comfort of being at home to university life was a little jolting. I felt like a freshman all over again and wondered if other transfer students felt the same. New place, new people, new class style, an onslaught of events, freedom from home, so much that I’m not used to! I counted the days I went without crying, and I’m proud to say I made it the entire week!

First day Monday, I woke up before 7, even though my first class didn’t start until 10. I got ready and headed out for breakfast. From there, I went and waited for my first class a whole 45 minutes early before passing some time at the bookstore. I returned for class, worried about how I’d do my online class when there was still no word on where to go and what to do.

In the class at hand– Sociology of Marriage and Family– my professor said we should have all printed out the syllabus and brought it to class. What syllabus? Where? I didn’t even know the class sites were up, nor did most of my peers. In my first university level journalism class, I was stunned at how huge it is. This many students taking a journalism class, many of whom aren’t journalism majors nor minor? It was eye opening.

I spent the rest of the day anticipating the upcoming lip sync battle. A great way to meet new people, I thought. I observed from the back, amused at the performances of the brave souls on stage. It was fun to watch. I didn’t meet anyone new, but before that, I did meet a familiar face from high school!

Tuesday, I had my intro psychology class. It was also huge. See, I’m still getting used to this transition from small classes to large lecture classes. From there, I went to the Union for a calendar and back to my dorm. The calendar is packed with different events every single day! There was a live music event I went to that night, but not much else happened.

Wednesday, I got my books and met some people around campus. In sociology, “speed-dating” was on the agenda, which was both fun and horrifying. Fun because I got to interact more with some of my classmates and have some good conversations. Horrifying because I had to talk about my family past and dating history with these strangers!

As I was pausing to write in my notebook outside after sociology, I heard my name. The second familiar face I’d seen all week! A fellow Phi Theta Kappan. He told me he’d let me know about organizations and club meetings on campus. Just what a lost girl like me needs. Then, I met up with a friend to watch the open mic night. It was awesome with the perfect mix of funny and inspiring. Let me tell you, that crowd is the most supportive crowd I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to do open mic for the first time.

Thursday, I spent most of the day in the library taking quizzes and getting Office on my laptop. I met the third familiar face on my way through the Union. There was a football kickoff thing that night that I went to, but it wasn’t all that great. There were free t-shirts and bags, though! There were also games (that no one was playing) and music (that only 2 people were dancing to), and a snowcone truck (that had an endless line from here to yonder).

Friday was the best day. After another smooth class day, I bumped into my fellow Phi Theta Kappan again, and he showed me the holy grail that is the transfer center and he multicultural center. I think I can find my niche better now with these resources. Later on, I went to an on campus job fair, interviews on the spot, and things worked out great! After quite an eventful, productive, and exciting day, I went home for the Labor Day weekend.

Overall, I had a great week that went from “Oh damn, I am regretting this decision” to “Oh damn! I like it here, and I cant wait to see what’s next in this journalistic journey!” So yeah, the transition has not been terrible.

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