What is In Their Shadows?

And why does it mean so much to you, Rae?

I have hit a major milestone in my journey to publishing my first book! No, I’m not in the stages of publishing yet, and no, I don’t have an agent. However, I finished writing the whole thing—44,832 words— at 2:38 am on July 29!

So you might be wondering what is this story you’re talking about? Well, In Their Shadows: Invisigirl is about a young girl and how she deals with her newly granted invisible powers, slowly spiraling into misery at Palmer Middle School. That’s all I’ll say…for now.

I’ve been working on this story for about 8 years now. My writing skills have advanced drastically since I was 13, but the passion for getting this story out has always been there. It just grew stronger the longer I took breaks away from it. I just hope a wide audience will read and enjoy it. Fingers crossed!

I’m in the self-editing process now. Once I do my edits, I will have other people look over it and make suggestions/corrections and then make those edits. After all the revising and editing, then I can go through the publishing process. Then boom! I’ll have a book I can call my own!

I know it will take quite a bit of cash, but this has been a dream I’ve had for years, so I’m willing to spend that money. I’m thinking about self-publishing becaus it’s more cost efficient.

Anyways, the reason In Their Shadows means so much to me is because it’s a story I would like to read. I didn’t see it, so I wrote it. A young black girl dealing with invisibility and loneliness. Fawn just wants her voice to be heard, and I feel a lot of shy girls, and maybe women, can relate to that.

It’s also a very female-driven story. I think there’s no such thing as too many female characters in a story, so I’m excited to see how the reaction to that might be.

So yeah, In Their Shadows! I’ll post updates when I come closer to publishing my first novel.

Have any questions? Comments?

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