Benefits of Keeping a Journal

“It’s not a diary! It’s a journal — they’re different!” I used to say in response to questions about my journal. In a way, I’m right. It’s all about perspective.

There are different types of journal keeping, like bullet, dream, and travel journals. Some may even share a journal and exchange it each time they see each other, maybe building on a collaborative story.

My go-tos are personal and reflection journaling. I started around 7th grade, and it just continued from there. At first, it was just little petty things accompanied by little drawings of random people. Of course, now that I’m an adult, it’s more sophisticated. Below are 3 benefits of keeping a journal.

  • Stress Relief

I don’t do it as much now, but daily journaling once served as a great stress reliever for me, especially in my most difficult moments in middle and high school. I think journaling is worth a try, even if you’re “not a writer.”

For example, say your making a transition in your life and it’s caused a lot of stress, maybe you have anxiety. You could start a journal to sort out your thoughts and feelings in the situation and find some clarity and calm. It’s good for mindfulness.

  • Improve Handwriting

Handwritten notes, memos, etc. aren’t very common anymore, but legible handwriting can start a revolution! A bit of an exaggeration, but some of us don’t like straining to read a potentially important note and deciphering it like hieroglyphics.

Writing consistently over time, in some cases, in a journal can help with that. It’s possible to go from illegible words scribbled on paper to a neat, decent flow of letters. It just takes a little effort and drive.

  • Oversharing

Sharing our whole life story, on social media or with any person who will listen, can be tempting. Is it wise to do that all the time? Obviously not. So why not write about it, leave some mystery and intrigue to who you are?

In a journal, you can do whatever, say whatever, and express yourself all you want. You want to rant? You can do that! You want to make some weird list of activities you want to engage in? You. Can. Do. That! There’s no such thing as oversharing when you’re journaling.

You can lift that heavy weight off your shoulders without the burden of word spreading! Going viral for no good reason– what a nightmare!

Unless, of course, you lose that journal in a crowded place with your name in the front cover 😉 Don’t worry!

Happy journaling, folks!

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