Moving With the Change

by Taiwo Akorede

This month’s featured writer is my friend, Taiwo! Below you can read his article, Moving With the Change, and a bit more about him.

Taiwo Akorede, popularly know as TAAG, is from Lagos, Nigeria – a western part of Africa. He is a youth orientalist, societal enthusiast, motivational speaker, and a passionate writer with a compound philosophy of promoting intellectuals and reputable individuals unto honor that will suffice the development of resourceful leader for a better environment. Taiwo signifies to be a symbol of hope and an identity of motivation.

TAAG is the convener and founding president of “Foundation for Aspiring Youths in Ethical Leadership” (FYL). It is a non-profit making organization established in Nigeria in 2016 with the vision of creating a better generation of youths with sound leadership values and orientations. FYL has trained over 1,000 young people within a year.

He is an award winning motivational speaker; accomplished and energetic in impacting lives, and content development. He is a passionate volunteer with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. TAAG is the author of, “The Green Light.” He is a friendly and enthusiastic individual.

He is presently a Business major at North Lake College.

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